Wednesday 21 August 2019

6 ways to tell if you've made the wrong hire

Aoife Geary - Independent Jobs

Hiring is hard. With the current talent shortage, it can be a struggle to reach the right people and convince them yours is the right company for them.

However, even if you do manage to engage great candidates and you tick all their boxes, what happens if they come onboard and don’t tick yours? Not every new hire lives up to expectations.

Here are 5 ways to tell if you’ve made the wrong hire

1.  They haven’t left their old job

Not literally. One tell tale sign that your new hire isn’t a fit for your company is that they keep bringing up their previous role. The odd anecdote is to be expected but if you’re constantly subjected to tales of how they used to do things or how wonderful their old colleagues were you need to deal with it.

2. They’re struggling. Really struggling

New starters need proper onboarding . That doesn’t just mean a hurried introduction to their new colleagues and a quick coffee. You need to ensure they are given proper guidance and training in those first few weeks so that they can get to grips with the role and company as quickly as possible.

That said, they need to be applying themselves and showing that they have an understanding of what’s required of them. Even if they are finding elements of the job difficult, they should be showing some progress. If they can’t grasp the basics, it’s unlikely that they’ll excel at the more complex elements down the line.

3. They aren’t interacting with the team

The first few weeks in a job are always daunting so it’s understandable that your new hire may be keeping to themselves. You should encourage the rest of the team to give them a warm welcome and offer help where appropriate.

It goes both ways however, so if you feel like the newbie isn’t making sufficient efforts to get to know their colleagues and engage with the company culture, it could be an indication that they’re not invested in the role.

Start making the right hires today.


4. They’re absent

If your latest hire is barely in the door and they’re booking large blocks of time off or if they’ve already missed a few days on account of a questionable illness, alarm bells should be ringing. You expect new starters to be enthusiastic and on their best behaviour during their onboarding.

5. They’re not asking questions

Part of finding your feet in a new position is having to ask a lot of questions. Everything is new and the best way to fill your boots with knowledge is to ask those around you to share their wisdom and experience. There’s no such thing as a stupid question, right?

6. They’re asking too many questions

Wrong. There is in fact such a thing as a stupid question. Or numerous stupid questions. If your new hire requires constant hand-holding, it’s usually an indicator that they’re not cut out for the position and you need to hatch an exit plan.

Start making the right hires today.

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