Monday 23 September 2019

4 ways to improve your office environment on a budget

Aoife Geary - Independent Jobs

There are lots of things that affect our workplace happiness - our relationship with our colleagues and managers, our company’s salary and incentive schemes, and our day-to-day workload to name but a few.

One element of our working day that’s often overlooked is our physical working environment. The space that we work in has tangible effects on our wellbeing and productivity.

Here are 4 ways you can improve your office environment without breaking the bank. 

Focus on what you can change

It’s unlikely you’ll have the resources to make large structural changes to your office, so try not to get frustrated by things outside of your control. You can’t add a skylight but maybe you can brighten the office in other ways. Plants can be a great way to incorporate some colour to an otherwise clinical space. Studies have shown that they can have positive effects on employee morale too. Plants can reduce stress and lead to a calmer working environment which in turn impacts creativity and productivity.

Go green

We’ve all become more aware of how our behaviour is impacting the environment. But Keep Cups and paper straws aside, there are a number of changes you can incorporate into the office space to make it more eco-friendly. Switching to LED bulbs, using properly labelled bins and adding a bicycle rack are relatively easy ways to be more sustainable. Getting everyone involved in green initiatives is not just good for the environment but good for camaraderie around the office too. A shared goal can be a great unifier, even when it’s not strictly work related.


Be open

This might seem obvious but having open areas where teams can socialise and relax can do wonders for the mood around the office. Where possible, incorporate breakout areas into the design of the office to encourage better communication and collaboration between employees. A cohesive team produce better work.

Get the basics right

When it comes to amenities, free beer and ping pong tables might prove an initial draw but employees really need the basics to do their jobs well. Excellent wifi, a state of the art air conditioning system and comfortable seating shouldn’t be undervalued when looking at ways to improve employee experience.

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