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Are you working in one of the 10 worst jobs in the world right now?


Investing in your future

Investing in your future

Investing in your future

Everyone has their own opinion on how bad their job is and how much they hate (or love) it. However, whether you like your job or not isn't the be all and end all for rating it as a profession.

New research from CareerCast takes into account your work environment, your income and the outlook from your position.

CareerCast also highlights the importance of transferable skill sets that allow workers to move from a declining industry into a more stable one.

Naturally media roles were hit hard due to falling paper sales and difficulties in monetising online views and as a result news reporters have found themselves bottom of the pile.

Broadcasters aren't too far off either, however CareerCast says that adopting data journalism may be one way of securing the industry.

Data science roles roam the top of the pile and data scientists hold the top spot. These roles boast low stress levels and a solid work environment with a strong hiring outlook.

Statisticians, information security analysts, audiologists and sonographers make up the rest of the top five jobs.

The bottom 10 are as follows:

1) Newspaper reporter

2) Logger

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3) Broadcaster

4) Disc Jockey

5) Enlisted military personnel

6) Pest control worker

7) Retail sales person

8) Advertising sales person

9) Taxi driver

10) Firefighter

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