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Working the social media twitter

Twitter is now being used extensively every single day to generate millions of euro for companies. How can your firm get in on the act?

Twitter search

Let's say your company, Weight Loss Ltd, specialises in helping people lose weight -- and as part of your business you offer consultancy services or sell downloadable weight-loss programmes over the web.

By typing in the words "I want to lose weight" into Twitter.com/search, you immediately find hundreds of tweeters who have posted over the past few days that they want to lose weight.

You can message each of them to assist with their problem. You can also:

• Follow those tweeters to create an ultra-targeted twitter account and build a longer-term relationship with them.

• Offer them a free gift in return for their email address and have them join your email database.

• Offer them paid support via an online product for sale immediately.

All three will make your business money. However, building the database works best to start to build a trusting relationship with your target customers.

This process can be repeated over and over again for any business type, so that there is a never-ending list of potential clients.

Paul O'Mahony co-founded Social Media Frontiers. www.Twitter.com/Paulatsmf

or www.facebook.com/ SocialMediaFrontiers

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