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MANY Irish business owners may have thought that Google+ was just one too many social networks for your company to get involved with -- and then June 1 arrived!

On that date, you should have noticed that your Google Place Listing became a Google+ Local Page, along with an estimated 80 million businesses worldwide. Your company, just like tens of thousands of Irish companies, may be relying on Google Place Listings for providing the lifeblood of your business. This change means you have a great opportunity to outfox your competitors by learning how to take advantage of Google+.

Ensure your business page looks professional with a banner displaying what you do. Use appropriate keywords for your business page name before your competitors do and place them in the 'about' section under tagline and introduction.

Use the incredible hang-out features to engage with clients and to present your business. Place your website link in the appropriate section, as this will rank on Google.

Post often and ensure you follow major competitors to view their clients. Make your immediate goal to get 100 '+1's from friends of yours on Gmail to get your page ranking on Google.

Paul O'Mahony co-founded SocialMediaFrontiers.com. You can reach him on www.facebook.com/ SocialMediaFrontiers or at www.twitter.com/paulatsmf

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