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Monday 18 February 2019

Women returning to work need support, says PayPal's Phelan

Louise Phelan,vice president of global operations for PayPal in EMEA
Louise Phelan,vice president of global operations for PayPal in EMEA

LOUISE Phelan, the head of PayPal's Irish operations, has told youth leaders that women who choose to leave the workplace need support from industry when they return to work.

"I would love to have more women at the level I'm at today but sometimes women choose to step out from that situation, whether it's through supporting elderly family members or having their children," she said.

The question of how to encourage women to stay with employers after they have children continues to perplex employers all over the world.

"The most important thing we in industry have to do is welcome them back when they return to their respective organisations," Ms Phelan said. "That's one of the biggest challenges that women face.

"Women can be gone for eight or nine months on maternity leave and trying to come back and engage back into an organisation is not easy."

The PayPal boss said she made sure to meet new mothers returning to the workforce after maternity leave. She also stays in touch while they are on leave.

"I make sure I engage with them and that they receive a newsletter once a month, so they can keep up to date with any developments in the organisation, so they stay connected."

She added that employers need to be advocates for women in order "to ensure they can be as successful as they can be."

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