Friday 20 September 2019

Women buy into Black Friday hunt for bargains

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Women in Ireland lead the way when it comes to picking up bargains on Black Friday, according to a new survey.

Black Friday, a day when online retailers discount to boost sales volumes, has become increasingly well known in recent years, with a quarter of those surveyed saying they regard it as as an important event on their shopping calendar.

Connacht and Ulster showed the highest levels of engagement with the phenomenon, with 31pc of people considering the day important in their buying habits.

The survey, conducted by MediaCom and iReach, found that younger female consumers are most likely to shop on Black Friday

Women aged between 35 and 54 are the most budget-conscious when it comes to Christmas shopping, it found.

However, just one-third of those questioned said they had a set budget planned for Christmas. The research also found that the average spend on Christmas gifts was €493.

The results appear to show a gender divide, with 26pc of women viewing the day as important, compared to just 18pc of men. Of those who had previously made a purchase on Black Friday, 69pc were positive about the purchase, with 10pc expressing buyers' remorse.

Black Friday this year takes place on the November 25.

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