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With 101 'egg-straordinary' shopping days to Easter, goo dares wins the prize


WE seem to spend most of our time counting down to something. A fortnight after December 25 "there's only 251 shopping days to Christmas". Six months after Iker Casillas lifted the FIFA World Cup in South Africa, the countdown is already on to the next one.

Most of these countdowns are completely useless. While it's true that there are 251 shopping days until Christmas Day 2011, and the next soccer World Cup will indeed be in 2014, does anyone actually care?

One countdown that does matter in the minds of many however is the countdown to Easter. Hard as that is to believe, you just need to look at the reactions of people when they see the first ad for Cadbury's Creme Egg every year.

This year, Cadbury will be bringing a "mischevious twist" to Creme Egg season with what they are calling "a massive game of dare".

"Goo Dares Wins" is a €600,000 integrated marketing campaign born out of Creme Egg's encouragement to play and mess around with its goo.

This year Goo Dares Wins will dial up this anarchic spirit even more and will try to get the whole nation acting mischievously. In order to increase participation, Cadbury has embarked on an integrated marketing campaign involving advertising, digital, PR, events, and sales promotion channels working with Fallon, MCsquared, PHD and CMW.

Four ads will be shown over the course of the campaign. The idea is to give the viewer "a peep view" into the scheming world of the Creme Eggs seeing them at their most mischievous, creating dares for the public to undertake and reviewing the ridiculous dares they are doing.

Cadbury say the film aims to inspire the spirit of dares in everyone and encourage them to take on the Creme Egg's dares themselves. A second burst of the ads is to be revealed as the campaign evolves, using content taken from the Goo Dares Wins website providing Creme Egg fans the opportunity to be featured in the final ad.

Built by CMW, the campaign website www.cremeegg.com will act as Headquarters for all the Goo Dares Wins activity, In addition to this, MCsquared will implement an Irish PR and events programme which will provide deeper engagement with the campaign.

Difficult year ahead

THE ADVERTISING sector faces another difficult year, according to a leading management consultancy.

Accenture Media Management estimate advertising spend in 2011 will decline by around 5pc, to follow falls of 32pc and 6pc over the past two years.

"The adverse affects of the economic downturn on the advertising sector have been well documented. The advertising industry in Ireland has faced a particularly tough and challenging few years with media investment falling between 30pc and 40pc over this time," says Accenture's Nina Gallagher.

"We estimate the total advertising market will decline by 5pc in 2011, resulting in a total market worth approximately €750m in 2011.

Most agencies are predicting that the market will be down next year, with ranges of between 3pc and 9pc."

Press and Outdoor advertising is set to decline by 8pc and 12pc respectively, while radio will fall by another 6pc this year, say Accenture. Despite recording a small rise during 2010, it's thought TV will fall by 2pc.

Given the economic climate, advertisers are demanding more value from their media agencies. A predicted 15pc of the market was up for re-bidding in 2010 on top of an estimated 20pc in 2009.

CBS Outdoor scores Dundrum

CBS Outdoor, has signed an advertising partnership agreement with Dundrum Town Centre that will see the media company install and market Ireland's largest dedicated digital advertising network in the shopping mall.

For this new media format, CBS Outdoor has commissioned an architecturally designed Pod structure, which complements the internal environment of the mall and is unique to Dundrum.

Each Pod will house High Definition LCD screens, which have the capacity to run a huge array of digital advertising content. CBS Outdoor will launch this unique digital advertising platform in April 2011.

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