Wednesday 22 November 2017

'When you are moving from job to job, make sure not to burn bridges along the way...'

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It’s about being open, says Gerard Murnaghan
It’s about being open, says Gerard Murnaghan

Gerard Murnaghan Managing director, Ireland Indeed

'They say that life is a marathon, not a sprint - and it's no exaggeration to say the same is true of your career. A career that challenges and motivates you, while also securing a good standard of living now and far off into retirement, is an ambitious and long-term project, and needs to be nurtured over a lifetime.

"The world of work has never been as competitive and full of opportunity as it is today - and yet it is also more uncertain than at almost any time in the past. We are more educated and more confident than ever, but we are also more footloose, and less likely to commit to one role for the long term.

"Is this something to be concerned about? Absolutely not!

"Instead, it's one of the things that is so positive about how the labour market has evolved over the last number of years - there is such mobility, so much room for changing your mind, for reinventing yourself along a career path you never imagined.

"At Indeed, we talk to lots of university graduates through various graduate outreach programmes, and they are full of enthusiasm and creativity. They rarely have clear career paths mapped out in front of them, and are willing to be influenced and inspired by the various environments they find themselves in.

"It's a luxury that many young people can afford today - and is facilitated by the growing opportunities in the Irish market, particularly in the technology sector.

"The previous generation would not necessarily have had that opportunity - and there's often concern amongst these about the 'flighty' youth of today and their quests for new and better career opportunities.

"However, it's not necessarily about knowing exactly what you want to do in life, it's about being open to opportunity and recognising and embracing the worthwhile prospects.

"When you are making changes, or moving from job to job, make sure not to burn bridges along the way. It's about much more than getting good references. Your previous bosses can be some of the best mentors in life. In my case I still keep in touch with my managers from previous roles and find them an invaluable source of advice, particularly.

"Finally, and it sounds like an obvious point, but it is true, you need to remember the most important things, family and friends."

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