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Voting is now open in the Independent Digital Grand Prix Awards Quarter Three 2012



<p>The Grand Prix Awards were set up to recognise brand/marketing managers and the innovation, creativity and effectiveness of their digital campaigns. The campaigns that receive the highest votes receives a prize at the end of each quarter whilst also having the opportunity to go through to the 2012 Grand Prix Final. </p>

The Independent Digital Grand Prix Quarter Three voting is now open.

The nominees are:

- National Lottery: Sidekick & Interstitial –Radical/Starcom & DDFH&B & RMG Target

- McDonalds: Dedicated Section ‘We do happy’ – Mediaworks & Cawley Nea

- UPC: D30 – Carat & Irish International

- PTSB: HPTO Re-Skin with Strip – ICAN

- Samsung: D30 – Radical & Cheil

- Persil: HP D30 – Mindshare & TMW UK

Visit www.idworks.ie/grand-prix today where you can check out our new Grand Prix Awards section 2012; view all 6 creatives from the Q3 nominees along with background information on their campaigns.

Please make sure to vote for your favourite campaign today. Voting is open from the 25th of October and the winner and runner up of the Independent Digital Grand Prix Awards Q3 will be announced on the 5th of November.

Cast your vote now