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Vodafone forced to suspend two staff after photo posted on internet

MOBILE phone company Vodafone Ireland has been forced to suspend two members of staff after a photograph appeared on the internet allegedly showing a worker posting abuse of a customer on a computer screen behind the counter in one of its stores.

This c**t is wrecking my buzz. I am seriously gonna bitchslap her face into that Galaxy 2. What an awful looking huuure,” was typed up on the screen.

It is understood the customer was not aware of the abusive comments at the time.

Vodafone said today it has launched an investigation into the incident and two employees have been suspended.

“Vodafone Ireland became aware of this issue and immediately moved to source the origins of the image,” said company strategy director Paul Ryan.

“We would like to reassure our customers that Vodafone has a zero tolerance approach to any behaviour that is outside of Vodafone’s rigorous code of conduct and contract of employment.”