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US voice technology company Nuance to create 40 new jobs in Dublin

A TOTAL of 40 new jobs in sales, finance and human resources are to be created by US voice technology company Nuance, in Dublin.

The Massachusetts-based company already employs 1,000 people here and will now base its international headquarters in Dublin.

It has offices in 35 countries and its products include the ‘Dragon’ range of voice recognition software and the Swype keyboard for mobile phones.

Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Richard Bruton welcomed the expansion and said that a major part of the Government's plan for jobs and growth is targeting growth sectors where Ireland has particular strengths and seeking to build clusters of companies in those areas.

''In recent years ICT has been a major success story, and the challenge now is to leverage the major international companies which have operations here to attract further investment,'' Mr Bruton added.

IDA chief executive Barry O’Leary also welcomed the announcement saying: ''The decision by Nuance to locate its sales and financial shares services centre in Dublin is a clear endorsement of Ireland's strengths in the ICT area.

''Ireland continues to provide an attractive business environment to assist global businesses like Nuance grow a strong presence in Europe.”