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UPC unveils new broadband campaign on Facebook

MEDIA company UPC Ireland has unveiled its new €5m marketing campaign which highlights that 25Mb broadband speed is the standard entry level speed for UPC customers.

The campaign went live on Monday and aims to convince consumers of the "superiority" of UPC's fibre power broadband offering which they say boasts unrivalled speeds and downloads and will more than triple the fastest speed of other broadband providers.

The new campaign has two objectives: to position the UPC brand as fundamentally superior to the competition and to provide consumers with a clear comparison that demonstrates the difference between UPC fibre power broadband and ordinary broadband.

UPC brand ambassador Craig Doyle will play a central role in the advertising campaign which was developed in partnership with Irish International. The campaign is being rolled out on TV, radio, outdoor, print and online formats. The media planner for the campaign is Carat.

UPC Ireland's head of marketing Rhona Bradshaw is understandably looking forward to a successful campaign.

"We're very excited about the campaign as it positions UPC as offering speeds and bundles our competitors can't come close to.

"We are also clearly cutting through the noise to mark out UPC as the only smart choice for consumers.

"UPC's fibre power broadband product [now features] 25Mb, 50Mb and 100Mb, and is now enjoyed by over 677,200 homes with a fibre power network delivering unrivalled speeds at all times."

The new broadband packages were made available in tandem with the launch of the new campaign.

Get started on Facebook

TO the lay person, setting up a Facebook page as part of a big media campaign might seem like a fairly straightforward task. I mean, how hard can it be to create a page on the website?

For marketing professionals, it's a lot harder than you may think. And with that in mind, Simply Zesty, which describes itself as a "dedicated online social media agency", has set up a Facebook training system.

The service is hoped to teach companies everything they need to know about Facebook for business. With over 650 million users, Simply Zesty says Facebook is a vital part of strategy for any business.

Over 100 training sessions are available in video and trainers should be on hand 24 hours a day seven days a week to answer queries.

Agency founders Lauren Fisher and Niall Harbison, carry out the training.

"Social media marketing deserves just as much time and consideration as more established channels like traditional PR and advertising, but Facebook is only going to work if you invest time in training," said Fisher.

"As Facebook has grown so fast we've been inundated with businesses seeking help and advice on how to best leverage the technology, and we've created this course with them in mind," added Harbison.

"Businesses are at different stages of their social media development. Some are at the start, some are well evolved, and a lot of them are still asleep, and haven't even started with social media."

More details at SimplyZesty.com.

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