Monday 19 November 2018

Union tries to force owners to make Waterford Crystal in Ireland

Anne-Marie Walsh Industry Correspondent

A TRADE union is mounting a legal bid to bring the manufacture of Waterford Crystal back to its native city.

UNITE is going to take a case to force the owners of the famous brand to stop making it abroad.

The union will take the test case to the Registry of Trade Marks in Alicante in Spain and it could end up at the European Courts of Justice.

More than 600 jobs have been lost since Waterford Crystal shut down in 2009 and most of the manufacturing was subsequently moved out of Ireland by its new owner KPS.

The union said it will challenge use of the trademark on glass that is not produced in Waterford.

UNITE National Co-ordinator, Walter Cullen, said Champagne and Parma had successfully protected the link between the name of the place and products made there.

In addition, Movenpick was recently prevented from making a link to Swiss chocolate when production was actually taking place in Germany.

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