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Friday 23 August 2019

Union and Ryanair agree to pilot talks

Stock Image: PA
Stock Image: PA
John Mulligan

John Mulligan

Trade union Fórsa has accepted an invitation from mediator Kieran Mulvey to attend talks today on a pilot dispute with Ryanair.

But the union has insisted that unless the airline presents substantive proposals, the risk of a strike by unionised Ryanair pilots in Ireland next week remains.

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The Irish Airline Pilots' Association (IALPA), which is part of Fórsa, was set to serve the airline with notice of action early this week.

Last week, IALPA gave the airline a deadline of yesterday to accept its demands for improvements to pay and a range of terms and conditions, including maternity leave benefits.

The union said it represents 180 of the airline's directly employed pilots in Ireland.

The airline had insisted that the threat of industrial action "has no mandate from Ryanair pilots" and that it is "ill-timed", with the Brexit deadline now just weeks away.

"Fórsa should continue in mediation and avoid threatening unnecessary disruptions to customers' holidays and travel plans," it said last week.

Earlier this week, Fórsa said that IALPA had submitted a 30-page proposal to Ryanair management in March, which sought pay levels and structures "that are in line with sector norms", and which made detailed proposals on pensions, working conditions and related matters.

Fórsa insisted that "only a substantive and meaningful counter-proposal from Ryanair management, which properly addresses all areas of the union's claim, would need to be tabled tomorrow (Wednesday) to prevent strike action next week".

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