Monday 23 October 2017

UK's Channel 4 tries to clip Ryanair's wings over safety

Once again Ryanair is in the sights of a far from flattering TV documentary, this time courtesy of Channel 4.

The UK broadcaster's 'Dispatches' show is focusing on the Irish carrier with a programme called 'Secrets from the Cockpit', due to air next Monday. This time, it's about Ryanair's fuel policy.

"Serving Ryanair pilots reveal their worries over Ryanair's fuel policy and pilot working conditions," claims the blurb. A teaser trailer with a suitably ominous voiceover tells us that 'Dispatches' has uncovered "growing concerns about Ryanair's fuel policy and working practices".

A silhouetted Ryanair pilot tells one of the programme makers that "it's just a matter of time before we have other emergencies".

"Serving pilots reveal the pressure they're under and the potential impact on passenger safety," claims the narrator. "I don't think we are as safe as our bosses tell the public we are," claims one voiced-over pilot.

Earlier this year, 'The Sunday Times' paid substantial damages to Ryanair over false claims it made that the airline had notched up hundreds of safety rule breaches. Those damages were passed on to the Jack & Jill Foundation. The Irish Aviation Authority points out that Ryanair's safety is on a par with the safest airlines in Europe.

Expect Ryanair to come out fighting.

Irish Independent

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