Thursday 19 September 2019

Trump golf resort plan 'will not harm tiny snail'

US president Donald Trump
US president Donald Trump

Gordon Deegan

A €40m development at the Donald Trump-owned Trump Doonbeg golf resort in west Clare will not adversely affect the tiny snail, the vertigo angustior.

That is according to consultants for Trump Doonbeg, who have responded to a request from Clare County Council to produce definitive findings aimed at removing all reasonable scientific doubt as to the impact of the development on the snail and other EU- protected species and habitats.

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There are tens of millions of the 2mm whorl snail at the course, which is afforded protection under the EU Habitats Directive. At Shannon Airport in 2014, shortly after purchasing the resort, the billionaire businessman told reporters that he would be a 'friend' to the vertigo angustior at the site.

Currently, the firm has plans before the council for 53 cottages, a ballroom/function room, a leisure centre and a new restaurant.

Now, in a raft of new documents lodged with the council, consultants for the firm state that the vertigo angustior persists in multiple locations within 200 metres of the existing resort development and it co-exists with golf activities across the whole site.

The consultants state that no vertigo angustior have been detected within the proposed site for the new developments, and "therefore it is unlikely that any direct adverse impact will be made upon the species". However, experts state in the new report that "marine erosion of the dune front has caused significant damage in recent years, destroying large areas of vertigo angustior habitat".

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