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Tuesday 23 January 2018

True love can turn a blind eye to pounds if the price is right

Roisin BurkE

Size matters if you're looking for a girlfriend -- the size of your wallet versus your waistline, that is.

A woman will happily overlook a bit of extra flab if the cuddly object of her affection also has extra dosh, a new economic measure finds.

In a paper titled 'Fatter Attraction', economist Pierre-Andre Chiappori and colleagues at Columbia University give a mathematical formula showing that for every 10 per cent increase in a man's Body Mass Index, his salary must rise by three per cent for him to still be a catch.

So a six-foot tall man earning €100,000 who pigs out on pizzas and beer and puts on an extra stone would need a pay hike of €3,000 to still be attractive to the ladies, the boffins' calculations suggest.

A few extra inches are not a deal-breaker for Irish women, Bill Phelan of introduction agency Two's Company says.

"Women are very quick to tell us that a few extra pounds are not a problem at all, but obese men are out of the question. His pay rise would have to be 200 per cent rather than three per cent, or he'd have to be very rich or very powerful or both."

As far as money goes, "he doesn't have to have a Maybach parked in the front drive, but he has to have achieved something in life", Phelan says.

Meanwhile, a woman who has been packing on extra pounds remains attractive to men if she is more educated, the study also claims. We always knew you loved us for our minds, guys.

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