Tuesday 24 October 2017

Troika has left the building but you can bank on them visiting

THE troika has packed its bags and left after the final review mission under the bailout programme.

But is it really a good thing and are we all rejoicing that at least we're bidding farewell to our economic overseers for the last three years?

Some, it appears, will miss them. A senior troika source said he has received a number of letters from the public over the last few years, some of them hand-written, raising various issues.

He claimed he wrote back to most, if not all of them, and on a number of occasions directed them to talk to their local TD if they have any concerns.

On one occasion, one woman apparently wrote to thank them for their efforts. Is this just spin? Perhaps, but the Punt takes the claims at face value.

One organisation that might very well miss the boys from Europe and Washington is the Merrion Hotel.

Officials have been seen down through the years walking in and out of the plush hotel opposite Government Buildings.

The Merrion (below) will be bidding farewell, most likely with a heavy heart.

But with €64.34bn owed in loans from Europe and the IMF, the Punt is pretty sure they'll back for a visit.

Irish Independent

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