Sunday 8 December 2019

The viral publican's solution for success

• Events -- They don't need to cost the earth but they need to be fun and original. "We're in show business," says Vincent Droney of the Sextant.

• Facebook -- The three publicans above all have in excess of 4,000 people watching their Facebook pages. It reaches clientele when they're not there, generates a buzz about the bar and tells them what's on. "I'd find it hard to imagine running the business now without Facebook and Twitter," says Emmet Lynch of Hugh Lynch's Bar.

• Spike the Sky -- The same boring jerseyed-up Premier beerbellies may be downing pints in a barside huddle, but the relentless noisy TV game weekend cycle is putting other customers off.

• YouTube -- When you do have those "spectacular" nights, be sure to show everyone else what they're missing.

• Food -- Supermarkets sell beer for 90c a pint. Today pubs are about more than drinking. Simple food done well with imagination doesn't cost a fortune but works wonders.

• Traditional pub skills -- All the above pubs invest in a clean premises, ensure that the pint is good, the place is clean and the staff are well turned out and say "hello" before the customer does.

• Keep thinking -- "I try to come up with at least 10 new ideas each week and if they don't work, so be it. Move on and try some more," says Vincent Droney of the Sextant.

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