Sunday 22 April 2018

The Punt: O'Leary's on the hunt for a new assistant

Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary is on the hunt for a new assistant
Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary is on the hunt for a new assistant

IT could be one of the toughest PA jobs out there - Michael O'Leary's on the hunt for a new assistant.

You need to be full of energy and have limitless patience. And you'll likely need to have a pretty thick skin.

It's got to be one of the most difficult positions in the world of accountancy, being the right had man or woman of the combative boss of Ryanair.

The ad is short and sweet, unlike, perhaps, the applicant's potential new boss.

"A bright, ambitious qualified accountant is required to assist Ryanair's CEO," the ad on the airline's website said. had a bit more detail.

"This role is a great opportunity for an ambitious, self motivated qualified accountant to work in a demanding, challenging and interesting role. There will be significant opportunities for the candidate if successful, to further develop their career by promotion in the management team at Ryanair," the ad said.

O'Leary isn't afraid of controversy, so the role will likely be a lively one. More recently he had to apologise after cracking a joke about sex with the Queen.

And it might be useful to remember that he hates "bolloxology" and that he can also spot a "communist", a "loony" or a "union head" at 10 paces.

Good luck applicants!

Smile, you're 
on Streetview

Business and property owners be warned - spruce your premises up now if you want to attract the tech savvy crowd.

The Punt spotted Google's unmissable car mounted Streetview cameras on the streets of Dublin yesterday. As far as we know its the first time its been on Irish streets since 2009.

Its not just the capital that's getting a close up.

Cars are also on the roads taking pictures in countries Sligo, Cork and Kerry right now.

Google uses distinctive cameras mounted on top of the cars to take panoramic images for Google Maps' Streetview - the popular online service that lets people peek right at your front door from anywhere on earth.

The service is widely used for people getting direction and even by people considering investments from as little as where to go for a night out or holiday, to as large as whether or not to go and see a potential property to purchase.

If Streetview is going to be the first impression potential customers get of your business and the surrounding streetscape, get painting and tidying.

Fianna Fail talent hunting

IN keeping with the job hunting theme of the column today, Fianna Fail are also hiring in a sign that things must be looking up for the once battered party. 

The party is hiring for three new positions - Research and Policy officer, Press Officer and Social Media Officer.

The first two posts will be working as part of a "multi-disciplinary team as the party, under Micheal Martin, prepares for the next General Election".

The final role talks of needing to have the skills and ability to help build the party's campaigning online, and no doubt help boost the presence it already has on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

"The successful candidate will have experience in designing campaigns through social media networks, will have a strong interest in politics and will be a team player," the ad read.

The party has seemingly managed to improve its battered image given its associations, just a few short years ago, with the demise of the Irish economy.

Voters have short memories, however, and they may very yet reward Fianna Fail with a return to government in the next two years. Stranger things have happened.

For now, all you need to think about, is whether you want to be part of the team to help regroup the Soldiers of Destiny as they prepare for battle.

Like with the Ryanair role, good luck to those who do.

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