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Thursday 18 July 2019

The loves of my life: Sacha Cahill & Dan Nugent


Sacha Cahill and Dan Nugent
Sacha Cahill and Dan Nugent
Chloe Brennan

Chloe Brennan

Entrepreneurs and parents Sacha Cahill and Dan Nugent chat about their favourite people, places and things.

The person

Dan: Our daughter Aurora, for sure. She just turned two, and has us in stitches 24/7.

Sacha: Same. Aurora for me, too.

The memory

Dan: We both spent a while living in New York a few years back. I've so many amazing memories from my time there - the constant buzz of energy and opportunity had a huge impact on me. But I'll always remember Stone Street in the Financial District. It's a strip of pedestrianised, cobbled road, hidden between the skyscrapers, and it's crammed full of Irish bars - and Irish people.

Sacha: Living in New York, interning in an art gallery and working in a bar on Stone Street.

The movie

Dan: Trainspotting. The soundtrack, the terrifying Begbie, the Choose Life monologue, the toilet scene, and the hilarity among the bleakness all make it an unforgettable piece of cinema.

Sacha: Cool Runnings.

The song

Dan: I think Run the Jewels are the most important act in music right now. Their political and social commentary is spot on and, a year on, I'm still listening to their third album, RTJ3, every day.

Sacha: Wannabe by the Spice Girls.

The pet hate

Dan: Butter! Since I was a child, I've had a weird phobia about butter. Even looking at butter makes me feel a little uneasy.

Sacha: Slow walkers and cold coffee.

The outfit

Dan: I'm not the most imaginative in the fashion department at all! I'm most comfortable in a pair of Converse, black jeans and a plain white T-shirt.

Sacha: Anything with good shoes. I feel that no matter what you're wearing, if you've got a good pair of shoes on, your outfit will look pulled together.

The beauty product

Dan: Ha-ha - shampoo and shower gel?

Sacha: Elizabeth Arden, Eight Hour Cream. I can't live without it.

The drink

Dan: Franciscan Well Chieftain Irish Pale Ale; the best beer in the world.

Sacha: A cold glass of wine in the sun.

The hero

Dan: It might be cliche, but it has to be Elon Musk. I love his relentless appetite for solving serious human problems. It's a pity he's not a politician.

Sacha: My mum! Since having a baby I have an even bigger appreciation of her.

The gadget

Dan: I'm very aware of my addiction to my phone. I'm trying to cut back, but when you're running your business from it, well then, it's a whole lot harder.

Sacha: I recently made the switch from Apple to Android, and I'll never go back.

The hobby

Dan: I've had problems with my back and just started doing CrossFit to try and straighten myself out. I've heard it's like a cult and I'll turn my back on my friends, but thankfully that hasn't happened yet!

Sacha: My mum is a yoga teacher and she started me young. I haven't kept it up that much since having Aurora and starting [our eyewear company] Ambr, but it's still my favourite hobby.

The virtue

Sacha: Kindness and honesty.

Dan: Integrity. Believing in your principles and backing them up is one of the most endearing characteristics I find in people.

The vice

Sacha: Chocolate.

Dan: 'Going for one.' Cue to afternoon the following day, still in bed with an empty wallet and a sore head.

The holiday

Sacha: Definitely South America. We started in Colombia and ended up in Brazil, crossing seven different countries, and I wish I could do it all over again.

Dan: Obviously, South America with Sacha is the standout. But in 2016, myself and a few friends bought an old bus, painted it in the Irish colours and drove to the Euros in France. It certainly wasn't for the faint-hearted, but I've never laughed as much as I did in those few weeks.

The friend

Sacha: We've both hung around with the same group of friends since primary school; I love them all.

Dan: Same!

The accessory

Dan: As someone who spends half their time online, it's definitely my Ambrs.

Sacha: I'm not just saying this, but Ambrs for sure!

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