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The beatings will continue until morale improves: FAS

DOWN at FAS, the staff bulletin board has been removed. Workers had been posting nasty messages on the internal notice board about Rody Molloy, the deposed director-general.

The free-spending, well-travelled Rody was not the only target.

FAS house rules decreed that the internet-based board should not be the target of "abusive, sexually-oriented, obscene, illegal, defamatory, hateful, or harassing items that invade people's privacy".

It seems that tensions had been running so high at FAS that the rules were being breached by the bucketful. Staff morale has plunged after the barrage of revelations at the agency. The internet board had become a treasure trove for messages of abuse.

Some senior staff recognised themselves in some of the anonymous messages, even if they were not named. They freaked out and made formal complaints.

At least one fun-loving outsider tried to break into the staff intranet board. According to FAS, "an external internet blog posted the internal address of the bulletin board pages and sought access". FAS proudly declares that it became aware of the attempted breach and stopped the rot.

An all-time first for FAS.

Sources at FAS say the site was used as a tool to snipe at those who had been promoted and was an outlet for jealousies.

The suggestion box was originally meant as a place where employees could post constructive proposals. So the bulletin board had, er . . . plenty of potential.

Now the staff will be unable to comment on last week's revelations that the €7.8m spent on the now-abandoned space programme in Florida had no tangible benefits for any trainees. The top staff alone enjoyed first-class travel.

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Staff who want to reveal any more FAS secrets can always write anonymously to the Sunday Independent business pages. They've been doing it for years.

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