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Tuesday 19 November 2019

TH€ PUNT: Bank is no match for Clinton in fledgling Twitter career

Cullen Allen (Cully), Darina Allen, Rachel Allen and Colum O’ Sullivan (Sully)

The Central Bank has become the latest big institution to sign up to Twitter.

The PR team in Dame Street made their debut on the micro-blogging site yesterday to coincide with the publication of the bank's 'Quarterly Bulletin'. The regulator began its tweeting career in proper fashion, posting a link to its usage policy, and followed it with two tweets on the bulletin and one on "Authorisation Services Standards".

While the bank has started strongly in its follower numbers, it hasn't quite been on the scale of somebody like Hillary Clinton. When she joined Twitter a few months back, she had close to 100,000 followers by the end of the day. The CB had to content itself with 365.

Only three accounts are lucky enough to be followed by the bank: the Department of Finance, European Central Bank and ESMA – the European regulator for the EU's securities and capital markets.

Something tells us that whoever is running the account won't be tweeting pictures of their lunch in the Dame Street canteen any time soon.


Cully and Sully in posh company

CULLY and Sully began life at the kitchen tables of Cullen Allen and Colum O'Sullivan but those days are long gone.

Acquired by US health food giant Hain Celestial last summer, the company now answers to yoga-loving chief executive Irwin Simon and counts activist Carl Icahn as a stakeholder.

One of the newest brands in Hain's arsenal is BluePrint, a cold-pressed concoction of organic fruits and vegetables beloved by New York yuppies.

Six bottles of its famed Green Juice, to be consumed every two hours as part of a day-long "cleanse", cost $75 (€57). Mr Simon, who bought the company earlier this year, called the product "liquid gold" in a recent interview with 'Forbes'.

BluePrint is one of the latest in a spate of shrewd acquisitions spearheaded by the 54-year-old chief executive. Since founding Hain 20 years ago, he has turned it into the world's biggest natural foods company, with sales topping €1bn last year.

The company's headquarters are in Lake Success, New York.

However, a new report on Hain's Celestial Seasonings – a range of "all natural" teas – recently revealed that 91pc of those sampled contained pesticide levels that exceeded US federal limits.


On matters of tax, it certainly isn't all Greek to our Mr Daly

THE Punt doesn't regard itself as a comedian but sometimes the joke really is too obvious. NAMA boss Frank Daly has been appointed as an adviser to the Greek government on how to improve their tax-collection methods.

Now wags will undoubtedly snigger at the idea of an Irish official advising the Greeks on how to improve their economy – it's not as if we are a model of fiscal rectitude, after all – but for the role he has been appointed to, Mr Daly is eminently qualified.

He may be best known as NAMA chairman these days, but before that Mr Daly ran the Revenue Commissioners from 2002 to 2008. Few would argue the Revenue was anything other than well run during his reign.

Interestingly, the press release announcing Mr Daly's appointment makes no mention of his NAMA role. Could it be a political problem in Greece if it were to get out, the Punt wonders

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