Wednesday 22 May 2019

Tesco in clash with Unicef


SUPERMARKET giant Tesco Ireland is refusing to pull the adverts for its latest price cutting campaign -- despite complaints from the children's charity Unicef Ireland.

Tesco last month launched its €100m 'Change for Good' campaign, which involves a nationwide roll-out of price cuts recently introduced in its border town stores -- much to the annoyance of Unicef, which has been running a charity campaign under the same name since 1987.

Under Unicef's 'Change for Good' campaign, passengers on long-haul flights are asked to donate any foreign currency to the children's charity. The campaign, which involves a partnership with Aer Lingus, has raised over €6.8m for Unicef since 1997.

"The main thrust of our campaign is to bring border prices to the customer's doorstep," said a spokesman for Tesco.

"It's a short-term campaign that we are running in Ireland. The two campaigns are completely separate."

Unicef, however, said: "it is the first time in Unicef's history that a commercial entity has purposely set out to capitalise on our campaign."

"We fail to understand why a company with a multi-million euro advertising budget finds it necessary to use a children's charity slogan which we have spent years developing," said Melanie Verwoerd, executive director with Unicef.

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