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Tech giant Intel goes 100pc green to power 360-acre manufacturing Leixlip campus


Intel, Leixlip, Co Kildare

Intel, Leixlip, Co Kildare

Intel, Leixlip, Co Kildare

US technology giant Intel has become the latest multinational to cut its carbon footprint after striking a deal to power its sprawling manufacturing campus in Co Kildare, with renewable energy.

In 2016, Intel and Electricity Ireland embarked on a trial run to assess whether the 360-acre Leixlip site could operate solely on 'green' electricity.

Today, the chipmaker announced its advanced manufacturing plant in Leixlip has relied on 100pc local renewable energy sources for a year, making it the State's largest, voluntary, private purchaser of environmentally sustainable energy.

Intel's decision to shift to green electricity sources comes as multinationals globally attempt to cut their carbon footprint as they strive to meet corporate commitments on climate change.

"We are very proud to be announcing today that 100 per cent of all electricity supplied to our Leixlip campus is now purchased as renewable power from Electric Ireland.  We are doing this as part of our multi-faceted approach to environmental awareness and as part of Intel’s commitment to being a global energy sustainability champion," Intel Ireland General Manager Eamonn Sinnott said.

ESB Chief Executive Pat O’Doherty said that when ESB was founded 90 years ago, 100pc of the energy generated was renewable, harnessed from the River Shannon.

"As we face into the energy challenges of the coming decades, this provides us with inspiration to play a leading role in Ireland’s transition to a low carbon future. The Electric Ireland agreement with Intel is an example of how we seek to place our customer at the centre of this low carbon future, powered by clean, reliable and affordable electricity."

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