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Surfers seek to ride wave of success with swell website

AILL na Searrach is the big wave off the Cliffs of Moher which has helped build Ireland's reputation as a surfing destination – and it this reputation which Waterford man Liam Sinnott is hoping to tap into with his online booking company, Swellseekers.ie.

"Ireland is considered a world-class destination for surfing," said Sinnott.

Sinnott, who has been surfing since the age of 11, set up Swellseekers along with fellow Waterford man James Hassey about two years ago.

Sinnott had lost his job as a bricklayer. "The only things I knew were construction and surfing," said Sinnott. "I remembered that when I travelled abroad to surf, I booked online. You couldn't book surfing trips online in Ireland, however – so that's why we thought it would be a good idea to set up Swellseekers."

Swellseekers.ie allows people to book surfing lessons and other water sports online. So far, the website takes bookings only for water sports activities in Waterford, but Sinnott hopes to expand this to include activities across the whole of Ireland next year.

"About seven years ago, there were about 5,000 surfers in Ireland," said Sinnott. "Now we've about 50,000, surfing all year around."

Irish Independent