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SuperValu confirms: Sterling row may hit supply of Persil, Dove, Stork, Hellman's on Irish shelves


Caulfieds SuperValu

Caulfieds SuperValu

Caulfieds SuperValu

THE LEADING Irish supermarket has warned customers that certain popular brands may be unavailable in the coming weeks - as the fallout over the fall of sterling continues.

In the UK yesterday a row between Tesco and food and household supplies giant Unilever has already seen products pulled from the shopping aisles.

The row is apparently because the two are split on pricing of products shipped into the UK after the massive dive in the value of sterling.

Even though Ireland doesn't use sterling, it's understood Tesco bulk buys for the UK and Ireland so the supply issue could now impact shoppers here.

Now SuperValu - currently leading the supermarket rankings here - has confirmed that it may have an issue with Unilever products, which include Ben and Jerry's ice-cream, Persil, Hellman's mayonaise among a large and diverse range.

"Due to our refusal to accept what we consider to be an unjustified price increase, we may experience some supply issues on certain Unilever products," a SuperValue spokesman has confirmed.


This is a company tradition which has been going on since 1979

This is a company tradition which has been going on since 1979

This is a company tradition which has been going on since 1979

"Negotiations with Unilever, however, are continuing and we are examining all options open to us. 

"We would stress that this is not our desired outcome, but we do not believe a price increase on the products under discussion is justified given the current exchange rate.  In fact, we believe that a price decrease is warranted given the fall in the value of sterling against the euro."

Irish shoppers are also unclear over whether or not Tesco stores here will pull Unilever products like Dove, and Stork from their shelves.

A spokesperson for the grocery giant said: "It's not appropriate to comment on commercial relationships with individual suppliers."

Reports in the UK suggest that Unilever is understood to have stopped deliveries to Tesco branches, leading to shortages of products including mayonnaise, Marmite, toothpaste and soap.

Unilever said it does not comment on individual markets when asked by Independent.ie.

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