Thursday 19 September 2019

SSE and PWE launch cleaner power option


Patrick Rooney, regional director, SSE Enterprise
Patrick Rooney, regional director, SSE Enterprise Newsdesk Newsdesk

SSE Enterprise and Pure World Energy (PWE) have joined forces to launch a form of cleaner and cheaper temporary power for use on construction sites.

The joint venture uses technology from US company Capstone, developed to meet stricter Californian emissions levels.

The microturbines are capable of providing on-site temporary or medium-term power that is ultra-low in NOx (nitrogen oxides) and SOx (sulphur oxides) emissions - especially when compared with diesel generation.

The technology is particularly suitable in areas where the electricity grid is under pressure to supply extra power for major developments.

SSE Enterprise regional director Patrick Rooney said he believes the semi-permanent power solution could be "game-changing".

He added that an increasing number of construction companies and industrial manufacturers are looking for a "cleaner, cheaper and more flexible temporary power option".

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