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Spotlight on Ireland’s strength in cyber risk solutions


Irish experts are continually rising to the increasing challenges of cybercrime

Irish experts are continually rising to the increasing challenges of cybercrime

Irish experts are continually rising to the increasing challenges of cybercrime

The Covid-19 pandemic has been challenging for every type of company in a myriad different ways. Some of these challenges have lessened as we slowly get back to some sort of normality, but one area that will remain high on the business agenda is cybersecurity – and the increased risk of cybercrime and cyberattacks.

Globally, there has never been a more challenging time for organisations in relation to cybersecurity – a higher level of cyber threats and attacks, security challenges linked to remote working, and increasingly sophisticated attacks on personal accounts have all put systems under immense pressure.

The need for effective solutions is urgent. According to a recent study by McKinsey & Co, only 16pc of executives felt their organisations are well prepared to deal with cyber risk. And with the United Nations warning that cybercrime increased by nearly 600pc during the pandemic, the situation is only getting worse.

Ireland has long been a leader in the technology space, and the world of cybersecurity is no different. Our strength in this area is highlighted in the upcoming Enterprise Ireland Cybersecurity Innovation Series 2021, which this year is titled ‘Creating Innovative Solutions to New and Emerging Threats’. Six separate events, covering different world regions, will be held during the series; each event features talks by leading cybersecurity experts, pitches by innovative Enterprise Ireland client companies and opportunities for individual client-buyer meetings.

All the participating Irish companies have identified the most urgent areas within cybersecurity and come up with intelligent solutions that potentially have a worldwide customer base. For instance, one of the biggest issues now is the sharp rise in phishing emails. Irish firm Cyber Risk Aware builds Microsoft Office 365 based training platforms to raise awareness of phishing, teaching staff how to spot a dangerous email. The company also offers a phishing simulation platform, which can build email templates and schedule simulation campaigns to test the level of awareness within the organisation and to offer additional focused learning for staff when required.

Many companies find it difficult to acquire and retain staff with skills in the areas of compliance, ISO certification, incident response, forensics and investigations. Irish innovators such as Integrity360, SmartTech 24/7, Kontex and Evros are providing a solution to this issue by providing expert security consultant services. These companies’ Security Operations Centre (SOC service) offers uninterrupted monitoring of their clients’ IT networks.

Remote working has brought with it many challenges; one issue is providing the same degree of security as in the office. Web and email filtering identifies new malware sites and can block specific categories of websites, such as gambling sites. Galway-based TitanHQ offers advanced solutions for this issue, currently helping businesses in more than 120 countries.

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An increasing reliance on mobile phones has resulted in the challenge of protecting these devices in addition to laptops and computers. Many companies have introduced a controlled “Bring Your Own Device” policy in which company apps are locked down or secured on the device, while others have restricted access to only corporate devices to allow for full control. Whatever your policy, Dublin-based CWSI are experts in the field of mobile device management and offer guidance on both policy and the technical aspects of managing devices.

In telecoms security, Cork-based Velona Systems has developed a solution that protects large call centres in the US against brute force call spam attacks, ghost calling and robocalling, a growing challenge in this sector.

Finally, EdgeScan is leading the way in pen testing, or vulnerability scanning. This includes scanning company IPs or carrying out pen tests on company websites or client portals to find any potential weaknesses – therefore stopping the threat before it happens.

Ireland’s relative strength in the cybersecurity industry will be demonstrated at the Enterprise Ireland Cybersecurity Innovation Series 2021, which begins on November 10 with the North America event.


Pat O’Grady is Senior Business Development Adviser, Digital Technologies Department at Enterprise Ireland. 

More details can be found at www.irishadvantage.com/cybersecurity

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