Thursday 15 November 2018

Sperm imports to Ireland swim right into Euro crisis

Roisin Burke

The rate of exchange between Denmark's krone and the euro has inflationary implications for one of its booming imports to Ireland -- sperm.

All of Ireland's sperm donations currently come from the Nordic country where the Danish krone remains at record levels against the troubled euro.

Irish fertility clinics import thousands of euros worth of Danish sperm samples. Dublin's Sims clinic -- which was co-founded by Derek Quinlan's adviser Gerry Murphy -- bought close to €80,000 worth to meet the needs of Irish clients last year.

"It's big business in Denmark. In most countries it's considered inappropriate to pay for samples, but donors get paid there," Sims laboratory manager Graham Coull said.

Danish sperm donation giant Cryos is one of the world's and Ireland's biggest suppliers.

How much donors are paid is a closely guarded secret -- but it is believed to be as much as €300 per viable sample. In Britain it's illegal to pay donors for anything except nominal expenses. Ireland's lack of fertility laws means a potentially lucrative export business isn't possible here.

Irish fertility clinic clients pay upwards from €850 for a set of three artificial insemination cycles (plus scans and other treatment). The strong krone has potential to keep import prices high.

Donation prices rise even further for non-anonymous samples. It's 30 per cent more expensive if you want to have a donor profile that includes details -- such as height, or eye and hair colour -- and up to 60 per cent more for a fully identified donor.

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