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Software company to create 80 jobs in Dublin

A software company is set to open a new Dublin-based business that will provide 80 new jobs over the next three years.

Indian IT company HCL Technologies will provide IT services to a wide-range of other sectors including financial services, insurance and healthcare.

The company, which employs 85,000 people in 31 different countries, cited the 'rapidly growing' demand for IT service in Ireland together with the highly educated workforce.

Minister for Jobs and Enterprise Richard Bruton, who met representatives from the company on a recent trip to India, welcomed the news.

"The real economic success story of Ireland in the mid/late 1990s was based in part on tapping into the global IT boom going on at that time. If we are to get out of the crisis we’re in and create the jobs we so badly need, a key part of that will be to build on our established strengths and once again now take advantage of the rapid growth in the global IT industry," he said.