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Social networks in business: Post early - but how often?

Once your business has its social media in place and is in a position to interact with its audience, how often should you consider creating posts?

There is a balance that needs to be struck -- somewhere between completely disappearing from the face of the online universe after an initial flurry of posts, and overwhelming your audience with too many.

In general terms, your audience will expect you to continue whatever you start off doing. This does not mean that under- or over-engagement is ideal -- but at least it becomes expected.

The ideal scenario depends on your business. If you are in the news business, for example, obviously breaking news would be expected to be posted regardless of how many stories there are in a day.

On the other hand, if you are a florist, it is unlikely that such an influx of news on your industry would be expected in a day!

For an average business, one or two posts per day on Facebook and Twitter would generally be seen as the sweet point. It should be remembered that in addition to this, any comment or engagement by your audience must be responded to and treated as completely different to posts.

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