Tuesday 24 October 2017

SMEs' green measures cut electricity bills by 11pc

Mark Keenan

Mark Keenan

THE successful implementation of energy-saving initiatives in Irish workplaces has helped small firms cut back on average electricity usage by more than 11pc in the last six years.

According to figures from the Commission for Energy Regulation (CER), SMEs have cut their usage by 11.3pc since 2006 -- representing a €565 saving on an annual bill of €5,000.

The figures show a steady reduction in electricity usage among small and medium enterprises.

Since 2006, average kilowatt hours have fallen from 41,698 to 36,996 in 2011 -- the latest available figure.


The move towards saving money and energy, and green initiatives to assist insulation and energy efficiency, such as the Better Energy Workplaces scheme, have enabled firms to cut bills.through measures such as: better premises insulation, sensor lighting, night-time computer monitor switch-offs and thermostat controls for winter heating.

The chief executive of the Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland, Dr Brian Motherway, said: "We have dealt with almost 2,000 SMEs in the last three years and in the vast majority of cases, businesses have cut their energy use by 10pc in the first 12 months."

However, Mark Fielding of ISME, the body which represents small businesses, said: "The size of Irish businesses have been greatly reduced since 2006...some of our members are now left using just three- quarters or even half of their existing premises, so it's no wonder they're using far less electricity."

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