Monday 16 December 2019

Singer Gallagher back landing rock-solid hits

DAKOTA 66: John Gallagher
DAKOTA 66: John Gallagher

John Gallagher, the "smartest man in the room", was rocking out at the Olympia last Friday night. Gallagher (inset) sings in five-piece indie band Dakota 66, which played support to the increasingly buffed-up Riptide Movement.

Gallagher, of course, was the guy who helped Jurys Doyle Hotel Group to pull off the deal of the boom years, when it was taken private in a €1.1bn buyout in 2005.

All the debt was paid down when it sold the Berkeley Court, Jurys Ballsbridge and the Burlington Hotel to crazed developers at plainly bonkers prices.

Gallagher and the Doyle family were left with a bundle of cash and a debt-free portfolio of hotels including the Westbury.

When he's not making millions, Gallagher sings rock songs. Dakota 66 has played in the Olympia before but has also appeared at the Royal Albert Hall and the Harley-Davidson rock festival. The band is also a seasoned veteran of a couple of Electric Picnics.

Gallagher has recently returned to the domestic property market, buying a hotel in Cork and an office block in Dublin 4. As in music, investment is all about good timing.

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