Saturday 20 January 2018

Simple steps to help lift spirits for a more productive workplace

Tara Dalrymple

IF you run a successful business and are in a position to emp-loy staff, you and your staff are lucky. But it can be hard to see that in the current climate. We are bombarded with stories of redundancy and your staff may be worried that they're next. Or you may be forced to cut costs by increasing your staff's workload.

The good news is, there are a few easy ways you can lift your staff's spirits and make them feel valued and appreciated without breaking the bank.

Follow these simple tips to a happier workplace.

Introduce an employee recognition programme

Employees want employers to acknowledge their efforts. Create an employee of the month programme or a wall of fame to reward your staff's special contributions.

Add a personal touch

If you're particularly imp-ressed with an employee's work, show it. Hand write a note or send flowers or a gift certificate to demonstrate your gratitude.

Give them an early-morning boost

Mornings can often be the hardest part of an employee's day. Workers who are fighting off fatigue have trouble focusing and showing enthusiasm for their work.

Offer freshly brewed coffee and tea to help employees kickstart their day.

Keep on training

In this ever-evolving world of new technologies and ideas, employees need to stay up to date with developments in their field. Show that you're willing to invest in their training, in recognition of their professionalism and motivation. They'll be grateful -- and it will give your staff the edge. Get to know them. Ask about hobbies and interests, find out if they have spouses or children, and talk about your respective plans for the weekend.

Treat them to lunch

Order pizza or take employees out to lunch occasionally to keep their spirits high.

Throw a party

Though many employees whine about attending office parties, most enjoy the chance to socialise with their peers outside of work. Celebrate a company milestone or throw a Christmas bash at the end of the year.

Check in with your staff

Hold meetings with individual staff members or teams several times throughout the year. This will give them a chance to address any questions or concerns that they may have. Ask for their feedback and reactions to new company policies.

Recognise birthdays and personal milestones

If you remember a birthday or a personal milestone, your employees will relish it. Give them a birthday card or organise a celebration if they have a child or finish a marathon.

Give back to the community

Get employees out of the office for an afternoon to work on a community service project. Staff will enjoy the opportunity to give back to their local community. They'll also learn important team skills.

Conduct employee satisfaction survey

If nothing you do seems to be improving morale, conduct an employee-satisfaction survey. It'll help you pinpoint any issues your staff has and to tackle them immediately.

A happy employee is a productive employee. If you follow our tips, you'll be able to make your workplace work for you and your staff; your employees will start to look forward to their workdays and your business will benefit.

Tara Dalrymple worked for publisher Dorling Kindersley and PR agency Financial Dynamics and is the founder and chief executive of Busy Lizzie Lifestyle Management

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