Thursday 18 January 2018

Shop around for the best insurance deal

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Sarah Stack

Sarah Stack

Having insurance for travel, home and life is not always the first bill you think of - but it is one of the most important. However, shopping around can work wonders when it comes to your budget

Bicycle insurance

For the real road racers and cycling enthusiasts out there, splashing out up to €3,000 for a bicycle will seem like a good investment. But they'll also need to splash out on cover for something that costs more than a small run-around. Our insurance quotes include accidental damage, theft and personal accident cover.

Best €229.95

Avoid €283.50 One Direct

Save €53.55

Car insurance

If you're anything like me, you're probably more likely to hit the road in the comfort of your car than get on a two wheeled vehicle, like our pensioner living in Co Clare.

The 70-year-old drives a 2010 Toyota Yaris worth €12,000. He has the benefit of a full clean driving licence, that's zero points for an insurance company to count against him. His new policy is bonus protected and the excess is €300.

Best €280.76 Aviva

Avoid €897.00 ARB Broker

Save €616.24

Home insurance

This house in picturesque Co Sligo is worth €265,000.

It has an alarm and the owner, a 39-year-old, wants buildings cover of €200,000 and €30,000 to cover contents. The policy includes accidental damage and the owner has five years' no claims.

So how much can he save by shopping around?

Best €200 Chrome

Avoid €482.11 Axa

Save €282.11

Life insurance

If you're looking at joint cover with your partner, maybe consider going for dual life so that you can get two pay-outs instead of just one.

Our couple, both aged around 35, are looking at a policy for €250,000 over 25 years. But remember you can be charged more if you smoke, have an unhealthy lifestyle, or enjoy hazardous sports.

Best €34.01 a month Caledonian via

Avoid €47.63 a month Aviva

Save €13.62 month

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