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Shannon Airport eyes new retail revenue


Shannon Airport

Shannon Airport

Shannon Airport

Shannon Airport Authority (SAA) is inviting retailers to tender to operate retail concessions at the airport.

The concession space on offer comprises two units. The first measures 187 sq m and is situated in the main terminal building between the check-in and arrivals area of the airport.

It is visible and accessible to both arriving and departing passengers, as well as people waiting to greet passengers off flights.

The second space measures 136 sq m and is situated in the departure lounge, adjacent to the main duty-free shop.

The unit is both visible and accessible to all departing passengers and transiting passengers.

Last year, 1.74 million passengers used Shannon Airport - making it the third-busiest airport in Ireland after Dublin and Cork.

This figure is expected to rise to 1.75 million this year, while it is estimated that passenger numbers for the airport will reach 1.85 million in 2018.

Airlines operating out of Shannon include Aer Lingus, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, and Ryanair.

As part of the tender process, those applying will be required to provide details of 'innovation solutions' they have already developed to grow their business in similar locations.

The SAA says it will require the successful tenderer to provide customers with newspapers (national, local, and international), books, convenience food, stationery, and any other associated merchandise the tenderer may wish to offer, subject to agreement by the SAA.

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The proposed term for the retail unit contract will be for five years from May 2018, with an option of a two-year extension thereafter.

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