Monday 20 January 2020

Seven million more pints of beer were sold this summer thanks to the heatwave and World Cup

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Rachel Farrell

Rachel Farrell

Irish supermarkets have seen a rise in beer and water sales as a result of the recent summer sunshine and the World Cup.

Sales soared by 3.1pc in the 12 weeks leading up to July 15, with bottled water and lager among two of the top sellers.

Supermarket sales grew by 27.3pc for bottled water and 11.6pc for lager, recent market share figures from Kantar Worldpanel reveal.

According to Kantar, an additional 7 million pints of lager were sold this summer so far compared to last year.

"This period saw overall sales of take home lager up 11.pc, or the equivalent of an additional 7 million pints, on the same period last year, as shopper numbers increased and consumers bought greater quantities than usual," Douglas Faughnan, consumer insight director at Kantar Worldpanel said.

"While the hot weather will have provided a welcome boost to overall lager sales, so too will the recent World Cup in Russia."

And while Ireland may be closely associated to stout, lager has led the way this summer with 42.4pc of households purchasing lager at least once in the past 12 weeks.

As Ireland faced a nationwide hosepipe ban, 1.8 million more bottles of water were purchased compared to last summer.

"A number of things may have influenced the surge of bottled water sales in Ireland – in particular the recent weather, speculation surrounding water shortages and this month’s hosepipe ban," Mr Faughnan said.

"Irish shoppers bought bottled water on 1.8 million more occasions in the latest 12 weeks compared to the same period last year, helping sales grow by over a quarter.

"Furthermore a Europe-wide shortage of CO2 may have stifled sales of carbonated water, which grew at a third of the rate of still water, with retailers and manufacturers shifting their focus to stills where necessary."

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