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Security firm to train 100 people in the art of selling

A Carlow-BASED security firm is to launch a training programme to get 100 people up to speed as sales agents over the next five years.

Netwatch, which provides remote security systems for businesses and houses, will take on 15 people this year for the one-year paid programme, which aims to train people in the "art" of selling.

According to Netwatch, participants will "receive a mixture of classroom and practical 'on the job' sales training from sales professionals".

Company chief executive David Walsh accused the university system of doing little to develop sales talent in Ireland.

"Irish people have a natural sales ability but our universities fall short in this area. As a country, we are missing the bigger picture – significant resources are devoted to developing technical experts, yet if a business cannot sell, and cannot sell internationally, it fails," he said.

"We aim to have 100 people trained over the next five years."

Irish Independent