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Thursday 17 October 2019

'Screaming' objections lodged against Tayto Park roller coaster

Going downhill: The Cú Chulainn roller coaster in Tayto Park
Going downhill: The Cú Chulainn roller coaster in Tayto Park

Gordon Deegan

Residents living close to Tayto Park have said that the anticipated screaming from passengers on the theme park's new €14m roller coaster will increase noise disturbance in the area.

Last week, four residents - Jeremy Butcher, Suzanne Galwey, Donal Greene and Clare Smith - living close to the theme park went to An Bord Pleanála to appeal Meath County Council's decision to approve the 'Coaster 2021' project.

Now, the text of the appeal shows that noise disturbance is the first ground of appeal.

The appellants state that the existing Cú Chulainn roller coaster produces significant 'rattling' while moving, accompanied by screaming from those on board every time it is in use - which is every few minutes up to nine hours a day.

The appeal adds: "Although, the new roller coaster is electric and may not produce the same rattle, it will inevitably bring the noise of participants screaming every time it is in use.

"We note that the application actually includes two roller coaster rides, tripling the total noise disturbance we experience.

"Combined with the general background noise coming from the existing roller-coaster and other rides, this noise has led us as a family to avoid staying outdoors in summer months."

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