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Salpa show is sold to US carrier

THE makers of Celebrity Salon, the reality beauty show starring Georgia Salpa, have sold the North American option rights to the series to Octagon, the sports and entertainment content giant.

Straywave Media, the Dublin media-production company, inked the deal last week with Octagon, the sports and entertainment content marketing arm of the Interpublic Group, a $4.8bn (€3.8bn) NYSE-listed firm.

Straywave plans to use the new tie-up to pitch an American version of the show to lifestyle and fashion television networks in the United States and Canada.

Steve McCormack, the co-founder of Straywave with John Norton, said the Octagon deal was a "breakthrough" moment for his company.

"There are no similar style-shows in American," he said "and we plan to pitch it to Bravo, TLC and other lifestyle shows."

McCormack said Ricky Goldin, a popular soap-opera actor and son of Paul Goldin, the hypnotherapist, has agreed to act as executive producer of the show.

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