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Friday 6 December 2019

Ryanair's UK pilots vote to accept pay increases of up to 20pc

Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary Photo: Bloomberg
Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary Photo: Bloomberg Business Desk Business Desk

Ryanair pilots in the UK have voted to accept pay increases of up to 20pc.

A statement from the airline on Thursday afternoon confirmed that all 15 of its UK pilot bases have now voted in secret ballot to accept pay increases of up to 20pc.

This includes London Stansted which had previously rejected an improved pay deal. The increases are expected to be paid next week in the January payroll.

According to Ryanair, these increases bring its pilot pay in the UK to 20pc more than competitor 737 operators  such as Norwegian and Jet2.

Recognition discussions between UK pilot union BALPA and Ryanair are ongoing but both sides agreed that pay increases should not be delayed by these negotiations.

Ryanair and BALPA agreed to offer these pay increases to the six out of 15 UK bases (including Stansted) which had not previously accepted them.

The airline stated that the majority of Ryanair’s pilots in Ireland have already agreed to these pay increases voting in secret ballot at the Cork and Shannon bases, and a majority of pilots in Dublin who are contractors or new joiners have already agreed them. 

The remaining Dublin pilots were asked to vote on this pay increase on or before 17 January so that they could be paid in next week’s January payroll. 

The airline said it was disappointed that no such vote was organised among the remaining 35pc of Dublin pilots who will now not receive this pay increase in the January payroll.

In today's statement, Ryanair said that it was continuing to negotiate with FORSA and its Ryanair Irish Pilots Council, but these discussions are "progressing slowly". 

"Ryanair will continue to communicate with the 35pc of Dublin pilots who have yet to accept this substantial pay increase which, if accepted, can be included in the February payroll and will take them to 20pc higher pay than Norwegian 737 pilots in Dublin."

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