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Ryanair's latest flight of fancy

RYANAIR has had its wings clipped by BBC Radio on its claims about punctuality.

Statistics programme 'More or Less', which is presented by economist Tim Harford on Radio 4, examined claims from the carrier that more than 90pc of its flights landed on time last year, beating other European airlines.

Sounds impressive doesn't it? Well, the boffins on the statistics programme claimed there was little data available to the public on airline punctuality.

And it also poked holes in the carrier's claim that its punctuality record beat other European airlines, claiming there was limited data to back up such a claim.

"We don't know if Ryanair's claim of more than 90pc on-time flights last year is true," Mr Harford said.

"They've given us no reason to think it is and we do have some reason to think it might not be.

"And we have no idea how anyone can claim to be more punctual than every European airline because nobody is publishing punctuality data for every European airline."

Could it be that Ryanair is engaged in a little cheeky advertising? Never.

Irish Independent