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Ryanair to replace ‘garish’ yellow on jets with ‘smiley people’

Ryanair’s bright yellow interior – described by boss Michael O’Leary as “garish” – is to be consigned to the history bin of bad taste.

Photos of “happy, smiley” people would take its place, he said.

A softer, more golden colour is to be introduced by the airline to mark its renaissance as a customer-focused airline.

“Maybe we’ll be softening some of the more garish yellow,” said Mr O’Leary, who added that the interior front and rear of the passenger cabins will also be changed.

“I think on the bulkheads we’re looking at something a bit more lively than just the yellow with the blue Ryanair logo,” he told the Irish Independent.

“We’re looking at different alternatives such as photos of happy, smiley people, destinations – something a bit more visually interesting than just the traditional old logo.”

Mr O’Leary made the executive decision over a decade ago to introduce the bright yellow on the Ryanair aircraft. It’s been hated by passengers ever since.

He said the airline hasn’t yet made a final decision about what the new interiors will look like.

“As the author of the garish yellow some 10 years ago, it was designed to keep everything very bright,” he said.

“If we’re going to focus more and more, as we are, on the customer experience, maybe a little less in your face and the use of more subtle colours and better imaging.”

John Mulligan

Online Editors