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Saturday 17 August 2019

Ryanair pilots and Dublin and Stansted cabin crew sign new pay deal

Michael O'Leary
Michael O'Leary
John Mulligan

John Mulligan

Ryanair has concluded a new five-year pay deal with its pilots, while cabin crew at Dublin and London Stansted have also sealed a new pay agreement, according to the airline.

Ryanair had 2,804 pilots at the end of last March, and 5,716 cabin crew, according to its annual report.

It said that pilots at all of its 76 pilot bases in Europe have agreed to the new conditions and pay.

“Ryanair has now commenced a similar process with its cabin crew, after its two largest bases, at Dublin and London Stansted airports, voted (in secret ballot) to accept five-year deals incorporating pay increases, improved rosters and rapid promotion opportunities, as Ryanair’s low fare model continues to grow strongly,” the airline said this afternoon.

It said that 90pc of cabin crew at Dublin and Stansted had agreed to the new structure. Ryanair said it will result in guaranteed pay and allowance increases each year over the next four years, as well as improved sickness benefits and more promotion opportunities.

Ryanair has often fallen foul of criticism for its alleged treatment of cabin crew and sometimes its pilots.

“The fact that Ryanair is continuing to use our improving financial performance to improve the pay and conditions of our frontline people underlines the long standing success of Ryanair’s collective bargaining model, which continues to deliver improved pay and conditions as well as job security for our pilots and cabin crew at a time when their counterparts in other European airlines are facing job cuts, pay cuts or are engaged in industrial action,” said the carrier’s chief people officer, Eddie Wilson.

Ryanair notes in its annual report that it endeavours to control its labour costs by seeking to continually improve the productivity of its “already highly productive workforce”.

“Compensation for personnel emphasises productivity-based pay incentives,” it adds. “These incentives include sales bonus payments for on-board sales of products for flight attendants and payments based on the number of hours or sectors flown by pilots and flight attendants within limits set by industry standards or regulations fixing maximum working hours.”

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