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Friday 15 November 2019

RTE on ropes despite gold win


RTE will be no doubt hoping that the 1.1 million viewers who watched Katie Taylor win gold on its 'Olympic channel' earlier this month will boost its dwindling viewer numbers this year.

RTE Two , which broadcast the boxing final, has seen its all-day viewer numbers dive by more than a third over the last 10 years. In 2001, all-day viewer figures for the then Network 2 were 13.9 per cent -- they have since fallen to 9 per cent, according to the latest annual report from RTE.

RTE 1, meanwhile, may well be reminiscing about the days of Biddy and Miley in Glenroe. In 2001, when the rural soap finished, RTE 1 had a 27.2 per cent share of the all-day television market. That stake has since fallen to 23.4 per cent, a 14 per cent dip over a decade.

Rival TV3 hasn't taken the same hammering that RTE has. TV3's share of the all-day television market was 12.5 per cent in 2001 -- it has only fallen to 12.4 per cent since.

The number of people tuning into RTE 1's peaktime shows, such as Saturday Night with Miriam and the Late Late Show, has increased slightly over the last year.

"RTE focuses its investment in programming in peak time where it is available to the largest number of licence-payers," said a spokeswoman. "RTE television's average peak share in 2001 was 45.3 per cent and by 2011, it was 40.2 per cent, so our peak-time share remains strong."

She added that digital media had led to "audience fragmentation".

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