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Walter Beatty and Family

Walter Beatty and Family 55
  • Industry Property
  • 2019 Worth €322 m (4.55%)
  • 2018 Worth €308 m
  • Progress -

A 25pc stake in the Doyle Collection group of eight US, Irish and UK hotels accounts for the majority of the Beatty family's wealth.

In its most recent accounts for 2017, the group reported a turnover of €141.5m and a profit of €20.8m, which was up 40pc in 2016. Shareholders' funds amounted to €323m. The hotels were valued at €604m, and the company was carrying €226m of borrowings.

Walter Beatty (85) and family have banked substantial dividends over the years. They have a well-known legal business and stakes in several listed Irish firms.

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