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Stephen O'Flaherty and Family

Howth-based Stephen O'Flaherty (57) and other members of extended family each have stakes in one of the country's largest networks of car dealerships for Skoda, Mercedes, VW, Mazda and Audi. These previously made up the O'Flaherty Holdings group of businesses, which was established in 1950 by his grandfather, Stephen Snr.

The family holding company was put into liquidation in May and the business is now made up of a complex structure of Jersey and Irish companies and another one based in Malta.

One of the Irish companies has property assets worth €48m and had €249m of net assets, while €120m was due from another group company. Other wealth includesOther wealth includes over €170m of dividends, property in Texas, and businesses in the US, and the proceeds of the sale of a business there.

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