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Michael Flatley

Michael Flatley 46
  • Industry Entertainment
  • 2019 Worth €380 m (2.70%)
  • 2018 Worth €370 m
  • Progress - 1

Former Riverdance star Michael Flatley (60), whose roots are in Sligo and Carlow, where his parents were from, has made a fortune from dance production and merchandise.

The multi-touring Lord of the Dance accounts for most of the earnings and has played to over 50 million people around the world, employing 300 people and earning a 40pc chunk of ticket sales. It will be touring again this year.

Having sold paintings done with his feet for between £25,000 and £88,000, Chicago-born Flatley continues to work as a producer, creator and choreographer, though more recently has dipped his toe into movie-making, with spy film Blackbird, in which his silver 1971 E-type Jaguar starred, as did he.

He has a home London's Knightsbridge, and other valuable properties in the Caribbean, New York, Beverly Hills and Villefranche. His Cork pile, Castlehyde, is still on the market, having dropped its price last year by over €7m, and is now asking for offers over €12.5m. It's believed he has shares in Berkshire Hathaway, which have risen by 10pc in the past year.

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